You can print the Perimenopause Symptom Scorecard below.

The Symptom Scorecard has been modified to be used for a couple of different scenarios. You can use it to show your current symptoms and symptoms after 3 and then 6 months. So you can track whether things are improving for you – or not.

If you decide to take hormone therapy (MHT) then it can be used to measure how effective the treatment has been over time – at the 3 and 6-month mark.

Whatever way you decide to use the symptom scorecard is up to you. But remember to keep a copy for yourself if you decide to hand the original over to your doctor. Just so you can have it on hand and look back on it whenever you need to. It can be confusing to know whether your symptoms are getting better or worse. The card gives you a snapshot in time and is much more accurate than trying to rely on memory alone.

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