Hi, I'm Elly

When I have a problem related to perimenopause, I turn to my Facebook support group. I ask the group my question but I get a lot of different answers.

For example - What can I do for my hair loss? And I will get a lot of responses (which is wonderful!) all suggesting different products to help with my hair loss. Try collagen, try biotin, try rosemary, try Rogaine etc etc etc.

I would pick one product and go and Google it. Then I would end up down some rabbit hole in the internet - and no wiser as to what ACTUALLY WORKS.

This is what gave me the idea to research the science behind products. And put it on on this website to share with any other women who might need the same information.

I always ask myself these questions as I am researching a product:

Is the research applicable to women going through menopause?

Was it a good quality study?

Was the research funded by the manufacturer of the product?

What were the results?

How successful was the outcome?

Can I replicate the results at home in the real world?

These are all questions I ask myself when I review the research. I have a degree in Health Science and have worked in research publishing. I know how to evaluate research studies with a critical eye.

I have just started to peel back the layers of the health and wellness industry. They want your money - at any cost. They can (and do!) exaggerate the results of scientific trials. ALL. THE. TIME.

It makes me mad. You buy a product in good faith - only to find it is snake oil. It has happened to me and I am on a mission to stop it happening to you.

Women going through menopause deserve better. We've worked hard for our money and are going through a major life event. It is stressful enough as it is. We don't need dodgy companies trying to pull the wool over our eyes. How dare they try to take advantage of us.

I have started making major headway into hair loss products and will be expanding into skincare, weight loss and natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy. All the while with one question at the forefront of my mind - IS THIS PRODUCT BACKED BY SCIENCE?

I hope you find Flo Hive as a place of Science and Support. The one place you can come to for unbiased, well researched and totally independent reviews.

You're peri welcome,

xo Elly

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