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Our Story

Menopause gave Elly a new body she didn't understand. It reacted completely differently to products she had been faithful to for years.

Tired of trying countless products that simply don't work Elly used her research skills and science background to find out which products to choose.

She soon realised she wasn't alone in her quest for effective products that delivered results. So she created Flo Hive to share her research with other women going through menopause. She delivers top quality menopause product reviews.

She is driven to help other women avoid the pitfalls of marketing and false advertising claims and works tirelessly to create trustworthy, informative and factual posts

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Subscriber Feedback

Since menopause my hair started thinning so I bought a product I thought would work. After reading a Flo Hive review I realised it was useless for menopause, and switched brands

Katie Graham  Flo Hive subscriber

Thank you so much for the article about (removed brand name) I thought they were a trustworthy brand and I was using it for months but no results. Now I understand why it wasn't working!

Paula Griffiths Flo Hive subscriber

I usually ask my friends for what to use but I get so many different answers how am I supposed to know which one is going to work? Your website makes it easy

Theresa Ley  Flo Hive subscriber


How do you research the science behind products?

I have a Science degree and have spent years working for universities in research publishing. I use these skills to determine how robust the science is behind the product claims. To test the veracity of their claims I used trusted sources like PubMed, Elsevier, Google scholar to access the full text version of the article.

I then spend a (very) long time reading the research all the while asking myself - how large was the study, how long did it go for, what were the results, who funded it, what type of journal was it published in and most importantly - how does this research apply to women going through menopause? 

A lot of companies are trying to sell their products to women going through menopause. You may have noticed things popping up all over the place, some companies have even just rebranded their product towards menopause. Menopause is big business at the moment. It's definitely a trending topic and will be for years to come. Many companies are courting women with menopause. And companies that claim their products are "backed by science" can expect a review from Flo Hive. 

Are you planning on adding more menopause product reviews?

Yes absolutely. I am still knee deep in menopause hair loss product reviews. But my aim is to expand and cover more.

I will be reviewing products for hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, weight loss, skin changes, body odour, pain relief, clothing, menopause apps and menopause wearables.

The list of things to cover seems to be growing by the day as more and more companies jump on the menopause band-wagon. 

Do you use all the menopause products yourself?

No. Not all products are suited to me, or necessary. And there are numerous effective options I have uncovered - just in the menopause hair loss category alone! So I can't use them all at once.

When I do decide to buy a product - based on the science research - I let subscribers know what I chose and why I chose that particular product over another. 

How do you fund your work?

This site is funded through affiliate links. This means that Flo Hive is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

It doesn't cost you anymore to buy via Flo Hive than it would to buy via Amazon. But your support is very much appreciated to keep the site going so that I can keep producing menopause product reviews for you. 

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